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Private coaching: Launch your design or art project, for real

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Thinking about a creative project? Or about starting a business but you don't know where to begin? Maybe you've already started something but you don't know how to grow, how to scale?

In this private session, we'll go through the steps to synthesize your project, define clearly your next tasks so that you don't feel overwhelmed or stuck anymore. We'll study business models specifically made for the design and the art industry that are adapted to your exact needs, clarify potential administrative and legal issues and start the process together, for real.

Designed for artists, craftspeople and designers in need of tools, methods and advice to start or accelerate their business, this private session is a special moment to move from the idea to the concrete, rapidly, and save years of mistakes and potentially a lot of money.

We will make an appointment at a time that suits us.

Private coaching session, duration of 2 hours.