Dear creators,

To reward the best projects submitted, we wanted to offer grants, royalties and free professional mentorship throughout the process to up-and-coming designers.

Some people have brought to our attention that the contest no longer met industry standards in 2022.

Given that, only the winners would have received a grant, and that, inevitably, certain projects would not be selected, there would therefore be participants who were not rewarded.

As a Quebec SME of 4 people, from various backgrounds, our DNA is the desire to please people through design. After 7 years of existence and despite all the hardships encountered, we wanted to make a modest gesture, but one that means a lot to us, to our community and to all those who dream of realizing their creative ideas.

We, therefore, regret to announce that this contest is now cancelled.
Please be sure that we will keep on being engaged, but in other ways, with creators, our fellow creative entrepreneurs and of course with you, as we always did since day 1.

Melanie and Brice