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Greetings! Our first hardcover notebooks line

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It’s been one year now that we dream of having our own hard cover notebook line and since last week : Here it is! So let’s bring you through the adventure and don’t hesitate to tell us what are your thoughts ;)

Moleskine, Rhodia, we all may already have one of their notebooks in our hands. There’s no reason not to have our owns too. We decided one year ago that they had to be beautiful, smooth, light and convenient. Today, after MANY tries, we went from discoveries to discoveries to better understand the incredible world of binding. There are so many different techniques and materials involved that it took months to find our voice but here it is and here's the result.

Let me introduce you to : Boston (blue & light grey), Phoenix (orange & dark grey) and San Diego (Yellow & kraft).
Available on pre-orders now at 50$ each.

The process

Each and everyone is made by our hands, for now, at least. 

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